The LP-V series from Panasonic is based on an advanced technology, and offers numerous advantages over conventional systems. It provides better beam quality, has smaller housing dimensions, and offers a significantly longer service life and lower fixed costs. Fiber laser markers consume very little power thanks to the simple air cooling design they employ. The LP-V can be used to label virtually any type of metal by deep marking or black marking. Resins can be marked with outstanding quality using material foaming, carbonization (color change) and bleaching.

Main characteristics:

  • Integrable laser with compact design.
  • Ytterbium fiber laser technology.
  • 12W of laser power.
  • Air cooling.
  • Dust proof design.
  • Static and dynamic marking.
  • 2D code marking (Datamatrix, QR code, etc).
  • Marking area up to 160×160 mm.
  • Mounting in horizontal or vertical position.


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