The LP-Z is equipped with 3D functionality and is particularly suitable for the marking of complex surfaces. The focus is adjusted automatically, guaranteeing stable energy density in the beam. This technology improves marking quality on large 2D surfaces up to a maximum of 330 x 330 mm. The LP-Z series is equipped with an encoder interface for the marking of objects moving down an automated production line. Naturally, the standard features also include the marking of various codes (Data Matrix code, various barcodes, expiration date, lot number, etc.).


Main characteristics:

  • Ytterbium fiber laser technology.
  • 3D marking feature.
  • 13W or 25W of laser power.
  • IP64 protection level.
  • 2D code marking (Datamatrix, QR code, etc).
  • Static and dynamic marking.
  • Marking area up to 330 x 330 mm.
  • Air cooling.



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